Wednesday, December 10, 2014

McCullough & Stenger Traffic Signal

                                                         May 3, 2014

Mayor and City Commission,

I reside on the 300 block of North McCullough or one block north of the intersection of NORTH McCullough and Stenger streets and 1 and ½ blocks SOUTH of Dr. Cash Elementary School.

Therefore, I can honestly attest as to the traffic affect due to the loss of the traffic signal as a result of the traffic accident at the intersection corner of North McCullough and Stenger.

PRIOR to the accident, exiting my driveway between the hours of 3 and 5 p.m. was sometimes difficult because of the traffic (cars and school buses) to and from Dr. Cash Elementary and Miller Jordan Middle School.

The main cause or reason for the traffic backup in both North and South Direction on North McCullough was due to the intersection traffic light NOT having a “PROTECTED Left Turn Option”. It takes just one vehicle to attempt a left turn (East or West bound) to back up the traffic on North McCullough. On many occasions that I have witnessed, ONLY one or two vehicles will cross the intersection during the “traffic light cycle change“ resulting with basically no traffic movement except for the vehicle(s) turning left.

AFTER the accident and the installation of the temporary STOP signs, believe it or not, traffic has run “more smoothly” due to the fact that everybody has to stop at the intersection and “LEFT turning at the intersection” has become much easier and efficient.

I don’t doubt the City Commission or City Administration has received citizen queries regarding the repair of the traffic signal. I do know my neighbors keep asking me when the city is going to “get on it”. My confusion and reply was from a prior conversation two years ago with Mr. Jalomo regarding the street lights at this particular intersection. They were all out and not functioning and Mr. Jalomo informed me that those street lights were the responsibility of TEXDOT and not the city.

The ONLY problem that I or my neighbors have witnessed is the temporary STOP signs have on occasion been knocked down by large trucks (cement, delivery, etc) making turns. I have provided my neighbors the contact phone number at the city to report it. Just today, I call the Public Works Director and he had someone here within ten minutes to prop up the STOP sign.

Fortunately, the large majority of drivers thru this intersection are familiar with the situation and they stop even though a STOP sign is knocked down. To my knowledge no traffic accidents have occurred since the temporary stop signs were erected.

The basis or point of my long narrative is two-fold.

First, if possible and not cost-prohibitive, the city should consider replacing the current traffic light component to one with a “protected left turn option” or a “four-way stop light or sign”. Either option would solve the problem of the left turn slowing traffic.

Second, since Stenger Street is not a residential street but a main business traffic artery or feeder and within the purview of the EDC, maybe the EDC should share in the expense of repairing or upgrading the intersection light component/fixture.



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